Meetings are held at the Carey Baptist Church Hall,

Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead.

4th Wednesday of the month

February-July & September-November

Non-members always welcome,

doors open from about 7:30pm

ENTRANCE FEE: Members £1, Non-Members £2, Students concession



Wednesday January 25th 2017 – NO MEETING


Wednesday 22nd February -

AGM Followed by a Buffet and Quiz

by Roy Wood


Wednesday 22rd March -

Call the Midwife

 Phillip Worth and Susanna Hart

(Jenny's husband and daughter;

Jennifer Worth lived in Boxmoor)

9780753823835 Call the Midwifefrom original book to TV & many spin-off books 


Wednesday 26th April -

40 Years at Kodak,

Tony Earle

Wednesday 24th May -

The Man Who Ate His Boots

Denis Kelly

Sir John Franklin's ill fated expedition, one of a long line of similar searches for the elusive North West Passage in the Canadian Arctic, is a tale of over-confident British naval endeavour typical of the post Trafalgar era. The result was incredible hardship and deaths. Was he a hero, or simply incompetent and ill prepared? What disturbing theories and facts have arisen as to what actually happened to Franklin and his men before they perished, starving and trapped in desolate Arctic wastes?   At the time, how did Victorian society react to a rare failure of British capabilities?

Erebus and terror 1840   

Saturday June 17, 2.30 pm -

Visit to Piccotts End Cottages. 

Prior booking required.


Wednesday 21st June -

Tour of St Mary’s Church, High Street.

Wednesday 28nd June 2015 -

Inns & Public Houses of HH,

Roy Wood


                                The Bell, Hemel High Street            The Leather Bottle, Leverstock Green     The Crabtree, Leverstock Green Road.



Wednesday 26th July

Power from the Gade,

Michael Stanyon


      In medieval times, watermills were situated along the Gate at most Nick Points, that is where the gradient changed suddenly due to the underlying geology.  The Mill at Asse Mill (Nash Mills) was the property of the Abbey of St Albans. In 1335 Evidence suggests that inhabitants of part of what we now think of as Leverstock Green were obliged to have their corn ground at Nash Mills, and were also responsible for the many repairs to the mill:    A court was held under the great Ash tree in St. Albans and a ruling was given  concerning the mill at " Assemille" ( Nash Mills ) and its repair.   The ruling - part of which is given below -  mentioned various tenants within the parish of Abbots Langley, referring especially to those of "Northend".  There is little doubt that these tenants would have lived in the northern end of the parish, and which would have included Chambersbury (or Rectory manor), and the area which became Northend Farm.  (In the early part of the 20th century, the land belonging to Northend Farm was a narrow strip stretching from Leverstock Green Road - where the green is today - down almost to Nash Mills, and a little narrower than the distance between Peascroft Road and Chambersbury Lane.) 

It is also worth  noting that at this time Assemille was farmed out to a John de Chilterne who undertook to pay the Abbot rent, and would make what profit he could from the local inhabitants.  As he failed to pay any rent, it seems likely that despite the tenants being obliged to have their corn ground at the mill, they either didn't pay him, or else failed to pay him enough. (From The Leverstock GReen Chronicle, by Barbara Chapman)

    "All villein tenants of Northend are accustomed

 (i.e. obliged to as it is "The Custom" to carry the timber

   by water, whenever the mill or  the flood gates want repair, though not

    for  the mill house; and all the tenants of Northend, whether majors or

    minors, mud the  mill pond and repair any damage to the mill pond

    whenever necessary.  They also ought to build up, at their own expense.

    and  without allowance of other works, all the earth works round the

    mill and the flood gates” [from Abbots Langley by S.G. Thicknesse; published 1946 by Staples Press, St. Albans,

and taken from the Archives of St. Albans Abbey]

In more recent times:


L: Nash Mills, R: Frogmoor Mill

Wednesday 16th August 7.30 pm -

Berkhamsted Castle, guided tour.

Prior booking reqd.



Wednesday 27th September -

The Boxmoor Trust,

At the Boxmoor Trust Centre.


Wednesday 25th October

Saving for Posterity,

Barbara Chapman.

One such example:

Wednesday 22nd November -

A Christmas Journey by Stagecoach,

Hugh Granger

December – NO MEETING